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Who is Misheye?

Misheye Photography & Art has been supplying unique images to its diverse range of clients since 2000. Photographer and founder Christian Pearson is passionate about the role that visual language plays in society. Extensive knowledge of photography and Christian’s meticulous preparation ensures that Misheye’s images stand out in an image-saturated world. 

About Misheye

The philosophy of Misheye is to Communicate, Illuminate and Inspire. Our research and preparation ensures the production of engaging images that exceed your expectations. Our reputation for service means that we guarantee a flexible, efficient and cost effective photography shoot with outstanding results. Misheye's photography services are used by the corporate, editorial, environmental, government and industrial sectors. We are recognised for delivering imagery with a fresh edge. 

Why choose Misheye?

We are passionate about the visual language of photography. This passion translates into the creation of unique images that stand out from the crowd. We offer a professional, efficient service and we are easy to work with. We meet and exceed your photographic expectations and give you a new perspective of your world. 

Skills & Experience

Misheye's Principal / Photographer, Christian Pearson, has a Diploma of Illustrative Photography (Fine Art) and a Bachelor of Biological Science (Biochemistry). This unconventional background of art and science produces conceptually driven images that are of outstanding technical excellence. Some of Misheye's clients include Baulderstone, CSIRO, Department of Sustainability & Environment, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria and Vic Roads. Christian’s images of the natural world have been exhibited both nationally and internationally.